What is Solana Mobile Stack (SMS)? Does it really make life easier for crypto users?

Aditi Singhal
2 min readJun 27, 2022
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Recently, Solana announced the launch of an Android web 3.0-focused smartphone Saga, to bridge between crypto and smartphone users. At the same time, this move gets mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some are comparing this move with the web 3, the “iPhone moment”. In contrast, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson takes a dig at Solana’s latest move saying, “People would need 7 of their discord friends to reboot the phone, directly pointing towards Solana outrage”. It is interesting to see how Solana leverage from a Blockchain company to a Mobile manufacturer, where they are competing with players like Apple and Samsung.

What is Solana Mobile Stack?

Solana Mobile Stack is a toolkit enabling developers to build web3 mobile applications, debuting on Saga a flagship android phone by Solana. SMS comes with salient features which give it an edge over Android and IOS mobile phones. It includes a decentralized dapp store for the Solana ecosystem, a seed vault to store your private key, Solana Pay for android, and a mobile wallet adapter.

All these features require robust hardware to function, presenting Solana Saga as a flagship android smartphone by Solana comes with 6.6 inches display and 512 GB storage.

In order to fuel the ecosystem that will be used to develop the phone, Solana Labs said it will collaborate with other businesses, including Magic Eden, the leading NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, Phantom, the largest wallet provider, and Orca, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. All three companies’ executives were present to talk about the impending mobile experience.

Currently, 83.72% of the world population has access to a smartphone, according to Statista. Right now most of the dapps are web-friendly and Solana aims to target mobile users and make life easier for crypto users. Solana is not the first one to bring the idea of crypto-centric smartphones now the question is will they succeed or did they dig their own graveyard. What do you think about Solana this move, let me know in the comment section?



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